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Crowns & Bridges

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Crowns are protective shells that fit over broken down teeth to protect them and improve the appearance. Many different systems are available. The latest crowns are metal free and are made of special porcelain ir zirconium. The aesthetics can be indistinguishable from a natural teeth.

Bridges are used to replace missing teeth. Different designs and systems are available and depends in the individual clinical circumstances.


More and more patients are requesting removal of their silver fillings for teeth coloured ones. Apart from looking natural, they have the advantage that they also bond to teeth, unlike a silver filling. This increases the strength of the teeth and helps seal the tooth.

They have improved enormously over the years and re now considered superior to silver fillings in terms of lifespan and strength. They are not suitable in every situation, especially if the tooth is very weak, which may require a porcelain crown or inlay.

We are using the latest white filling materials on the market and are achieving great results.


Anniesland Cross Dental Practice White Fillings Cosmetic Dentistry

Tooth Whitening

The practice has a special interest in teeth whitening (bleaching). We were one of the first practices to introduce this treatment in 1998. It is probably the cornerstone of any smile makeover. It is completely safe for your teeth and can really help you feel good about your smile.

Age, genetics, smoking, tea, coffee etc. will all play a part in the staining of our teeth. Luckily, with home whitening or combine in-surgery treatments we can reverse this and help you get back the sparkle.

The most effective way to whiten teeth is using a very fine tray that fits over your teeth. A bleaching agent is loaded in to the trays and worn for one hour each day for about two weeks. The gel breaks down all of the stains in the pores of the enamel. The results will last a long time, requiring top-ups now and again, depending on your diet etc.

Anniesland Cross Dental Practice Tooth WhiteningThe law changed in 2012 regarding the percentage of peroxide that we can legally use. It is also illegal for anyone, other than a dentist to provide whitening. There have been many cases of damage to teeth and gums from untrained individuals.

We can also offer one hour power whitening using various systems like Zoom and WY10,which use light or heat to accelerate the bleaching process. They give an instant kick-start to the whitening process but must be followed up by home whitening. We can also use our laser to start the process.

We use wy10, a system patented by Dr. Wyman Chan of the London Smile Studio. I have been to Wyman’s lectures. He is a world authority on dental bleaching and treats many celebrities. We can offer you the same treatment at our practice.

If you are interested in this treatment, come in and see us for a free consultation. We can advise you on the best system for you.


More and more adults are opting to correct crooked teeth and alignment using one of the excellent 'invisible' orthodontics systems that are now widely available. These systems offer many of the benefits of traditional braces but have a discreet, aesthetically pleasing appearance that allows wearers to go about their daily business without feeling self-conscious.

We are accredited providers of the Inman Aligner, a revolutionary device that straightens front teeth in 3-6 months. It is removable and relatively comfortable to wear.

The Inman Aligner is a custom orthodontic appliance that generates comfortable, continuous orthodontic force to straighten your front teeth in as little as six to sixteen weeks. In suitable cases, this is a cost effective solution when compared to some other invisible braces.

Unlike fixed braces, which can take up to 2 years to achieve results, the Inman Aligner produces results much quicker. Not everyone is suitable for this treatment.

Anniesland Cross Dental Practics Orthodontics Inman Aligners

We can also produce Clear Aligners (Clear braces, invisible braces). They are very thin and don’t impede speech. They are ideal for patients who do not want lengthy orthodontic treatment wearing metal braces or bulky removable appliances.

In more complex cases, we will work closely with a nearby team of specialist orthodontists to devise the best possible treatment plan for your individual needs.

To find out more, why not book a free, no-obligation consultation on 0141 959 2562?


Complimentary consultations are available for patients who have missing teeth or would like to enhance their smiles.

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